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Sharda Sinha Ringtone Download



Sharda Sinha, born on October 9, 1952, is a renowned folk singer hailing from Bihar. Beyond her captivating performances, she also serves as a music teacher, imparting her knowledge and passion for music to others. Recognized for her exceptional contributions to Maithili and Bhojpuri music, she was honored with the Padma Shri award.

One of her memorable performances took place at the Basant Mahotsava organized by Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Prayag, where Sharda Sinha’s rendition of numerous spring-themed songs earned her thunderous applause from the audience. Through her folk songs, she beautifully depicted the arrival of spring, adding a new layer of depth to the seasonal celebration.

Sharda Sinha Ringtone Download
Sharda Sinha Ringtone Download

A regular fixture during Durga Puja festivities, Sharda Sinha’s performances have become synonymous with the joyous occasions. Her talent transcends borders, as evidenced by the mesmerizing performance she delivered when the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Navin Ramgoolam, visited Bihar, his ancestral land.

In addition to her live performances, Sharda Sinha’s musical prowess extends to the silver screen, where she has lent her voice to iconic films such as “Maine Pyar Kiya” and “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.” She has also released several successful music albums, including “Dulhin,” “Pirittiya,” and “Mehndi,” further solidifying her legacy in the world of music.

Sharda Sinha Ringtone Download MP3

Sharda Sinha Ringtone Download MP3
Sharda Sinha Ringtone Download MP3
Kahe Toh Se Sajna Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaMaine Pyar Kiya05:54
Babul Jo Tum Ne Sikhaya Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaHum Aapke Hain Koun03:45
Taar Bijli Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaGangs Of Wasseypur – 206:52
Papiha Ke Boliya Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaPiritiya -Lokgeet05:20
Ho Deenanath Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhathi Maiya06:53
Kelwa Ke Paat Par Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhathi Maiya08:38
Dulhin Dheerey Dheerey Chaliau Sasur Galiya Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBest Of Sarda Sinha02:49
Uthau Suruj Bhaile Bihaan Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhathi Maiya05:27
Poorab Disha Se (Lagn Geet) Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaSHUBH VIVAH05:55
Parichan Challi Sasu Suhagin (From “Dulhin”) Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhojpuri Vivah Geet Sharda Sinha07:01
Piritiya Kahe Na Lagavle Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaPiritiya -Lokgeet04:39
Birhi Basuriya Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBIRHI BASURIYA (LOKGEET)07:01
Hariyer Baans Kataih (From “Mehndi”) Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhojpuri Vivah Geet Sharda Sinha05:30
Patna Se Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhojpuri Sona – Koilar Ke Kook04:47
Patna Sahariya Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBIRHI BASURIYA (LOKGEET)06:00
Chhathi Maiya Ayetan Aaj Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhat Songs From Films Sarda Sinha02:38
Kaanch Hi Baans Ke Behngiya Ringtone DownloadAnuradha Paudwal, Sharda Sinha, Ajit Kumar, Kavita PaudwalKAANCH HI BAANS KE BEHNGIYA05:29
Hardi Hardiya (Haldi) (From “Shubh Vivah”) Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhojpuri Vivah Geet Sharda Sinha06:07
Shiv Manat Nahin Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaDevotional Songs By Sharda Sinha03:02
Raghubar Ki Sudhi Aayee Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhajan Sagar06:17
Amuva Mahavua Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhojpuri Sona – Koilar Ke Kook04:21
Aaj Mata Hame Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhajan Sagar07:05
Badariya Gheri Aayee Nandi Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaPiritiya -Lokgeet05:18
Hola Chumaban – Chumaban (From “Piya Ke Nagariya”) Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhojpuri Vivah Geet Sharda Sinha04:54
Baba Nene Chaliyo – Maithili (From “Bol Bum”) Ringtone DownloadSharda Sinha, VANDANA SINHASharda Sinha Anuradha Paudwal (Bhojpuri Kanwar Bhajan)06:55
Ram Ke Bina Ringtone DownloadSharda Sinha, VANDANA SINHABhajan Sagar06:58
Arag Ke Ber Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhat Songs From Films Sarda Sinha03:04
Saam Chakeba Khelbahe -Tohe Badka Bhaiya Ho Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhathi Maiya06:01
Sama Khele Geilai Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhat Songs From Films Sarda Sinha02:49
Hey Chhathi Maiya Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaChhathi Maiya05:06
Hare Hare Hare Dada (Madwa) Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaSHUBH VIVAH05:55
Hardi Hardiya (Haldi) Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaSHUBH VIVAH05:55
Kirshna Pyare Kop Ringtone DownloadSharda SinhaBhajan Sagar07:06

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