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Sudhir Phadke Ringtone Download



Brief Biography: Sudhir Phadke (Marathi: सुधीर फडके) was born on July 25, 1919, in Kolhapur, India. A celebrated Marathi singer-composer, he left an indelible mark on the Marathi film industry and the genre of Marathi Sugam Sangeet (light music) for over five decades. Widely revered, he was affectionately known as Babuji, a title of respect in India.

Initially named Ram Phadke, he adopted the name ‘Sudhir’ when he composed a song for HMV, believing it added gravitas to his persona. Under the tutelage of Vamanrao Padhye in Kolhapur, he honed his skills in classical vocal music. Joining HMV in 1941, he later became the music director for the Prabhat Film Company in 1946.

Throughout his illustrious career, Phadke composed music for numerous Marathi and Hindi films, showcasing his versatility as both a composer and a playback singer. His wife, Lalita Deulkar, was also a talented singer, and their son Shridhar Phadke followed in his footsteps as a composer and singer.

Among Phadke’s most notable works is “Geet Ramayana,” a collection of songs based on verses by poet G. D. Madgulkar. Originally aired on All India Radio from 1954 to 1955, the program continues to captivate audiences through stage performances.

In his final days, Phadke embarked on producing a Hindi film chronicling the life of Indian freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, titled “Veer Savarkar.” The project, funded by public donations, marked Phadke’s last venture as a singer and music composer.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Phadke maintained a deep connection with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for over six decades and played a pivotal role as the main inspiration and founding member of the India Heritage Foundation in the United States.

Sudhir Phadke Ringtone Download Mp3

Ringtone DownloadArtistsAlbumDuration
Paradhin Aahey (From “Swargandharva Sudhir Phadke”) Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeParadhin Aahey (From “Swargandharva Sudhir Phadke”)02:57
Jivlaga Kadhi Re (From “Swargandharva Sudhir Phadke”) Ringtone DownloadAsha Bhosle, Sudhir Phadke, G.D. MadgulkarJivlaga Kadhi Re (From “Swargandharva Sudhir Phadke”)02:31
Jyoti Kalash Chhalke Ringtone DownloadLata MangeshkarBhabhi Ki Chudiyan03:28
Kanada Raja Pandharicha Ringtone DownloadSudhir Phadke, Dr. Vasantrao DeshpandeVitthal Geete03:44
Chandra Aahe Sakshiila Ringtone DownloadAsha Bhosle, Sudhir PhadkeAsha Bhosle Birthday Special Marathi03:13
Bai Mi Patang Udvit Hote Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleDholkichya Talawar Lavani Special03:39
Dhundi Kalyana Ringtone DownloadSudhir Phadke, Asha BhosleBhavgeet – Romantic Songs03:38
Dehachi Tijori Ringtone DownloadLata MangeshkarLokpriya Bhakti Geete – Lata Mangeshkar03:11
Dehachi Tijori Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeDehachi Tijori – Sudhir Phadke03:01
Dev Devharyat Nahi Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeDehachi Tijori – Sudhir Phadke03:33
Sakhi Mand Jhalya Taarka Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeSwaranand Sudhir Geete Part 2 Sudhir Phadke05:46
Dis Jatil Dis Yetil Ringtone DownloadAsha Bhosle, Suresh WadkarAsha Bhosle Birthday Special Marathi06:34
Vithu Mauli Tu Mauli Jagachi Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeAmrutachi Godi Vol 205:08
Ram Janmala Ga Sakhi Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeGeet Ramayan Vols 108:01
Vithala Tu Veda Kumbhar Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeVithoba Bhakti Geete03:22
Sang Tu Majhach Na Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleDhakti Sun04:32
Mala He Dattaguru Disale Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleMala He Dattaguru Disle Dattachi Gaani03:09
Jesth Tuza Putra Mala Dei Dasaratha Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeGeet Ramayan Vols 105:05
Phite Andharache Jaale Ringtone DownloadSudhir Phadke, Asha BhosleAsha Bhosle Birthday Special Marathi06:12
Chala Raghava Chala Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeGeet Ramayan Vols 106:58
Jod Zanin Kamruka Sod Re Sayaka Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeGeet Ramayan Vols 104:43
Vithoo Mauli Tu Ringtone DownloadSudhir Phadke, Suresh Wadkar, Jaywant KulkarniBhaktirang Suresh Wadkar05:15
Tula Pahate Re Tula Pahate Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleJagachya Pathivar03:18
Rama Charan Tuze Lagale Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeGeet Ramayan Vols 106:53
Tochi Khara Sadhu Ringtone DownloadSudhir Phadke, Uttara KelkarDehachi Tijori – Sudhir Phadke05:43
Kanda Raja Pandharicha Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeDehachi Tijori – Sudhir Phadke03:32
Bai Mi Patang Udvit Hote Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleLavani Golden Hits03:39
Sanwala Ga Ramchandra Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeGeet Ramayan Vols 106:00
Bai Mi Patang Udvit Hote Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleBhavgeet – Romantic Songs03:39
Kuthe Shodhisi Rameshwar Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeGeet Ramayan Vols 106:27
Ekach Hya Janmi Janu Ringtone DownloadAsha BhoslePudhach Paul04:23
Dhund Ekant Ha Ringtone DownloadAsha Bhosle, Sudhir PhadleAnolkhi03:44
Vimoh Tyagun Karam Phalancha Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeSwargandharva Sudhir Phadke Sarvottam Bhavgeete06:15
Toch Chandrama Nabhat Ringtone DownloadSudhir PhadkeSwargandharva Sudhir Phadke Sarvottam Bhavgeete03:18
Kashi Nashibana Thatta Aaj Mandali Ringtone DownloadSudhir Phadke, Usha MangeshkarDehachi Tijori – Sudhir Phadke04:00
Devajicha Naav Ghyava Ringtone DownloadSudhir Phadke, Keshar, Bakul Pandit

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