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Sapan-Jagmohan Ringtone Download



In the illustrious realm of Bollywood music, the collaboration between Sapan Jagmohan and the legendary composer R.D. Burman stands as a distinct chapter in music history. Over nearly two decades, from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, they jointly crafted musical masterpieces that epitomized a fusion of talent and creativity.

Sapan-Jagmohan Ringtone Download

Among this trio, Sapan Chakravorty emerged as a significant figure, believed to be the driving force and a profound influence behind many of Pancham Da’s celebrated compositions. Notably, their work on the iconic soundtrack of “Sholay” left an indelible mark, not only with its mesmerizing opening theme but also with the signature mouth organ piece, traditionally performed by none other than Amitabh Bachchan’s character.

Yet, the counterpart to Chakravorty, Mr. Jagmohan, remains somewhat of an enigma. Despite lesser-known, his collaboration with Chakravorty yielded a series of noteworthy musical endeavors. One standout is “Zameer” (1975), which featured leading stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Shammi Kapoor, and Saira Banu. It was indeed a shining era in Sapan Jagmohan’s career, demonstrating that they were not just assistants but also talented music producers, infusing new creativity and spirit into the Indian film industry.

Sapan-Jagmohan Ringtone Download Mp3

Sapan-Jagmohan Ringtone Download Mp3
1Jhil Mil Sitaron Se Ringtone DownloadKishore KumarAmber04:55
2Jeevan Mein Amrit Ras Ghol Ringtone DownloadManhar Udhas, Anuradha PaudwalKrishna Bhajan : Muraliya Baje Jamuna Teer05:43
3Main To Har Mod Par Tujh Ko Dhunda Sada Ringtone DownloadMukeshSadabahar Mukesh03:52
4Ulfut Mein Zamane Ki – Revival – Film – Call Girl Ringtone DownloadKishore KumarCall Girl04:35
5Ulfut Mein Zamane Ki (Male) Ringtone DownloadKishore KumarCall Girl04:28
6Khush Raho Ringtone DownloadMukeshSadabahar Mukesh04:48
7Har Janam Mein Humara Milan Ringtone DownloadAsha Bhosle, Manhar UdhasKagaz Ki Nao03:19
8Main To Har Mod Par (Happy) Ringtone DownloadMukeshChetna03:33
9Mata O Mata Ringtone DownloadNarendra ChanchalSiskiyan07:01
10Akhian Che Pa Le Akhian Ringtone DownloadDilraj Kaur, Jaspal SinghDuja Viah04:55
11Leke Phulkari Suhi Suhi Rangdi Ringtone DownloadMohammed RafiDharamjeet02:57
12Aaj Mohe Bhangiya Pilayi Do Ringtone DownloadRitesh Pandey, Shilpi RajAaj Mohe Bhangiya Pilayi Do03:31
13Hum Hain Jahan Ringtone DownloadKishore Kumar, Asha BhosleCall Girl03:14
14Ulfut Mein Zamane Ki (Female) Ringtone DownloadLata MangeshkarCall Girl06:28
15Yeh Mehfil Yun Hi Sajegi Ringtone DownloadKishore KumarAaj Ki Radha03:48
16Mat Ang Chola Saje (Part 2) Ringtone DownloadMahendra KapoorJai Jai Sherawali02:22
17Dil Jale To Koi Kya Kare Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleCall Girl04:09
18Ae Maa Mujhko Saugandh Teri Ringtone DownloadKishore KumarTu Kitni Achhi Hai – Maa Special06:19
19Jawani Mere Yaara Ringtone DownloadKishore Kumar, Ranu MukherjeeCall Girl03:13
20Mera To Irada Hai Ringtone DownloadAmit KumarSwarthi06:03
21Na Jane Kahan Kho Gaya Woh Zamana Ringtone DownloadMukeshBegana03:03
22Ghungroo Bandh Liye Ringtone DownloadUttara KelkarMujre Ki Sham04:00
23Jafrani Rang Akashe Ringtone DownloadAsha BhosleDo Shehzade04:05
24Jeevan Hai Ek Bhool Sajanwa Ringtone DownloadSuman KalyanpurChetna03:03
25Ore Mon Ke Emon Daga Ringtone DownloadAmit Kumar, Bhupinder Singh, Mohammed Rafi, Aarti MukherjiPrahari11:14
26Dekha Jo Maine Ringtone DownloadKishore KumarAmber05:22
27Mera Jeevan Kuchh Kaam Na Aaya Ringtone DownloadKishore KumarMera Jeevan05:48
28Dena Mujhko Daan Daya Ka Ringtone DownloadNarendra Chanchal, ChorusTARA RANI KI AMARKATHA08:06
29Sajana Gaile Pardes (Vishad) Ringtone DownloadYASHPAL SINGH, Kavita KrishnamurthyPYARI DULHANIYA05:42
30Taka Swarga Taka Dharma Ringtone DownloadKumar SanuJibon Jouban04:57
31Jach Mainu Aa Gaye Ringtone DownloadMohammed RafiBirah Da Sultan Shiv Kumar Batalvi05:13
32Bhigi Bhigi Raat Hai Ringtone DownloadShubhangi JoshiMujre Ki Sham05:00
33Mera Kangana Na Hilana Ringtone DownloadAnupam Kher, Anuradha PaudwalSwarthi06:05
34Mor Bhangia Ka Manai De Ringtone DownloadMohammed Rafi, Asha BhosleGangadham05:01
35So Ja So Ja Mere Lal Ringtone DownloadLata MangeshkarGangadham03:18
36Meri Pariksha Teri Pareeksha Ringtone DownloadLata MangeshkarGangadham06:14
37Yu Na Ankhon Se Ringtone DownloadUttara KelkarMujre Ki Sham04:00

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